Mono OTL direct drive amplifier for ESL loudspeakers

Spin-off from the Acoustat upgrade is a complete new mono direct drive amp, based upon the Acoustat Servo-charge Amp + upgrade. The amplifier is build in a 19” inch rack with handles.

The special low capacitance cable to your ESL-speaker panels will be delivered in 2 mtr. standard length.

The amps will be tuned on your speakers: Final, Acoustat, Martin Logan, QUAD, Stax, Soundlab, Audiostatic, Innersound.
Recently we hooked the amplifiers up to a set of Quad 2905.
The delay line will be still in use, but due to the omission of the audio transformers the bass response improved a lot.

Techn. Specification:
Max. signal level: 4600 Volt peak to peak
Input sensitivity: 0,2 Volt RMS at clipping point
Bias voltage: upon request 2kV-5 kV max.

Recent upgrades: XLR & Cinch input, modern enclosure, new designed pc board, all new components.
permanent bias voltage during switch-off
Price per set  € 4.800,- incl. VAT excl. P&P Delivery time: 12-16 weeks if we ran out of stock.